Bengals cattery

Welcome to the site of the "Sunhunters" cattery. We appreciate your interest in our Bengal cats and share your enthusiasm for this exciting breed.

The advantages of our cattery

We raise only purebred Bengal cats. We will be glad to see you among our clients!


We conclude an official contract and provide all the necessary certificates and documents for our pets.


We deliver kittens all over the world. Our kittens live in America, UAE, Canada, France, Germany, Egypt and other countries.

Professional care"

Each pet is brought up in a family, socialized, accustomed to the toilet, scratching post and has all the necessary vaccinations.


All our kittens are playful, domestic, love people and other pets, even dogs 😉

Affordable Prices

Prices for kittens range from $ 500-800 (pet class) and above (breed/show class)

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We provide an official contract for the sale of a kitten. We test our Bengal cats and ensure that the kitten's health is not affected by genetic diseases. We have a family nursery, which is located in Belarus, Minsk. Our Bengal cats are registered with TICA or WCF. The breeding program of the cattery, which began in 2015, aims to produce healthy, happy Bengals with great type and large, colorful rosettes. Sale of Bengal kittens is carried out when they reach 3.5 months with all the documents and necessary vaccinations. All pets are brought up with love and attention in constant contact with people. They are perfectly socialized.

In this video you can watch our new manufacturers. In the near future, offspring are planned from them. So stay tuned!

Kittens are ready to move to a new home in 3.5 - 4 months. The cattery has representatives with the best breed characteristics at affordable prices. We raise kittens in our family and allow them to play freely around the house, so kittens are curious, sociable and easily adapt to new homes.

It is important for us that a person who wants to buy a Bengal kitten is responsible and loves animals. We do not try to sell our pets as soon as possible and we are happy if people send photos and tell us how our Bengals graduates are doing. You can clarify any information personally by choosing a method of contact convenient for you in the Contacts section.


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