of our Bengal cats


On September 14-15, we visited the International Cat Show, which took place in Riga, Latvia, and was held by the “Mooncat” club. We have very good impressions of the exhibition, the organizers did everything at a high level. We would like to express special thanks to the judges: Kamil Kolczynski, Poland (AB, WCF), Elena Ignatova, Russia (AB, WCF), Natalia Rozkova (AB, WCF) who highly appreciated our gorgeous boy Sunhunters Picasso. According to the results of the first day of the show - Nom Biss and BoB 1. We are very pleased that Picasso became the best junior in the show. The cat has many advantages and a wonderful show temperament. In the future, he has a brilliant show and breeding career!


In 2017, we raised in our cattery very beautiful male Sunhunters Major. Who received the title of Grand Inter Champion, after which he left for America to continue his breeding activity.


In October Sunhunters Golden Gross received the title of Junior Breed Champion and received an Ex 1 mark in every day of the show. He won the hearts of the judges.

In November, our Bengal female Sunhunters Bugatti won the "Best kitten" nomination at the "Mr. Cat" show and took 7th place in the wcf ring on the first day and 3rd place on the second day of the show.


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